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Vintage Petri Blue Magic Scope Camera (1962)

Vintage Petri Blue Magic Scope Camera (1962)

Not For Sale! A gift in my personal collection. I know I’m not the only one that loves cameras.

Good condition
Minimal dents and scratches, has lens cap. The Self Timer and Shutter work well.
Haven’t checked with film.

I’ve been researching this camera for a while. From what I can tell it’s pretty rare. The wiki on the topic says it better than I could.

I’ve found cameras like this, but with green on the glass between CAD $40 – $75. The few I’ve found with a blue scope, are listed at over CAD $500. So, I encourage you to do your own research!

More Sources of Info:
Ebay Listing (not mine) – it’s ended but if you scroll down and have a look there is a lot of info. I thought maybe the price listed was out to lunch considering the condition of the camera (some rust spots – mine is clean but no leather case). The person that listed it is a top rated seller with over 99% positive feedback, so I’ll believe him. Forum

If you do a search for Petri on Etsy lots comes up for the green cover but none for the blue.

If you know more than I can find on this, please let me know!