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Coca-Cola Bottle Opener (circa 1943)

Coca-Cola Bottle Opener (circa 1943)

Coca-Cola is by far one of the most recognizable brands world wide. Number 17 in brand strength according to but I don’t think that says anything about recognition.

I started noticing bottle openers again when I found one inside a cupboard of the house I was renting that was getting demolished. Peggy Sue was built in 1950. She had a pink bathroom. Obviously, I needed to call her Peggy Sue. The same guy that built it lived there the whole time. I’m not even going to start with the bomb shelter I’m POSITIVE was under the back yard… So… bottle openers. Yes. I find them interesting again.

I came upon this guy by accident (or maybe not?) at a garage sale last summer. I asked if the price on a coffee can was for everything in it or just per piece because there were a bunch of cool old metal door fixtures that I thought I’d use for a project. He said it was for the whole can so I was all in! Everything we took home that could hold something else had something else in it. I think he knew exactly what was in that can. I think that’s what I want to do with all of my stuff when I decide to downsize the hell out of my life. (Few years yet) I’ll just stash my coolest gadgets in purses and coat pockets and tool kits and surprise someone. Hmm. I’ve totally lost track of the Coca Cola bottle opener. It’s brass, in not bad condition, some pock marks in the brass and the stamp seems well loved. I don’t have the screws to go with it but I’m sure I have some that would work.

1943 looks like the date. Because it’s the only one I’ve found so far and it seems to fit with the styles of that era. If you know better please let me know! I’ve been looking for days. There’s SO much Coca-Cola merchandise it’s insane. I’ve found 3 (three) like this listed and they range in price from $19 to $65 so I say talk to me. Even if you have something you want to trade, I’m open to all reasonable offers.

If I had a bar in my house, this would be a permanent fixture in it! If I don’t sell it I might have to build a tiki-bar for the yard. Right?

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